Fine art minimalist photographs film and digital made by Muhammad Alhawagri born in Egypt American photographer living in Saint Louis Missouri USA

Muhammad Alhawagri: Founder & Principal Photographer at Studio Ptah LC

Muhammad Alhawagri: Founder & Principal Photographer at Studio Ptah LC

My photographs are not meant to be proof that moments and objects exist. In my practice I attempt to reveal the true essence of the subject or object that is in front of the lens. I use digital and analogue methods; although, I prefer the latter because of its rich tonal range.

Intuition often guides my artistic choices and I have a personal connection with every aspect of my photographs. The psychic energy that I apply to the photographic process often evokes feelings and ultimately encourages introspection on the part of the viewer. I believe the camera and photographs hold special powers that enable society to gain a deeper understanding of the human condition.


A note about Studio Ptah

Studio Ptah's purpose is to help me make art

Studio Ptah is named after one of the founding Gods in Egypt. Ptah is the God of inspiration, art & invention. It comes to artists in the darkness of the night to inspire; then they wake up to make art and invent.

Egypt is a short version of Agaptah, which is a short version of Hut-Ka-Ptah; it means home of the soul of Ptah.

Name of my studio is a tribute to the ancient god of inspiration